Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Short Story Mystery

Seoul Food by Elizabeth Ludwig

Part 2

“She is dead! Cho Hee is dead!”

The cry picked up in the market place, only to be carried and scattered by the people crushing near for a closer look.

Detective Dho dropped the fresh vegetables he’d been examining for dinner. Grabbing the arm of a boy running past, Dho pulled him to a stop and jerked his head toward the crowd. “Tell me, what has happened? Why do the people shout so?”

“Cho Hee,” the boy panted, his face flushed with excitement. “It is said she has fallen dead in the square.”

“An assassin?”

“I do not know, sir. No one saw what killed her.”

Dho frowned. “Where is she?”

The boy pointed back the way he’d come. “That way.” He squirmed from Dho’s grasp. “I must deliver the news to my father.”

Dho let him go. If what the boy said was true, he was finished questioning him anyway. Better to investigate.

His credentials in hand, Dho pushed his way through the crowd until he found the woman. Indeed, it was Cho Hee, her pretty face distorted in agony. Next to her lay an overturned basket, the lid crushed by trampling feet. Dropping to his knees, Dho did a quick examination of the body.

A telltale mark marred the pale skin of her hand.

Sighing, Dho pushed to his feet and turned to address the crowd. Almost on cue, a sudden hush fell over the throng as each person gathered waited to hear what the detective would say.

“I must ask that no one leave the market,” Dho said, his voice ringing with authority, “until I have questioned you all. This woman,” he gestured to Cho Hee’s limp form, “has been murdered, and you are all in danger.”

Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of Seoul Food.

FOR DISCUSSION: What danger is Dho referring to?


Lisa Karon Richardson said...

The snake, that looked so fresh because it was still alive. It had been drugged and awoke angry. It bit Cho Hee and escaped her basket but is obviously still nearby.

Anonymous said...

I think the snake is poisonous and still remains in the market. If someone was to pick up the snake; they too could be bit and die.

It’s a great story. I can’t wait until next week. How do you guys write such great stories?!?!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

The stories are fun, but seeing the answers y'all come up with is even better!!

You're both right...the snake is nearby. But why? Stay tuned next week...