Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Mystery Theater


Movie star Tad Oliver's marriage was on the rocks and his agent was worried about his mental health. When Tad didn't answer his phone one day, the agent called the police and they sped to Tad's beach house. The doors and windows were all locked from the inside.

The police broke in and found the leading man on his bedroom floor, barely clinging to life. A gun was in his hand and a bullet hole in his chest. The distraght agent bent over his dying client. "Why'd you do it, Babe? Why? I just got you a four-picture deal with Metro!"

The star's dying word was whispered, but both the agent and an officer heard it: "Jealousy."


Tad's death was murder. What did he mean by "jealousy?" And how did the killer get out of the house that was bolted from the inside?


1. Tad never said "jealousy."
2. Tad's last look was glassy-eyed.


Think you know the answer? Fill in the comment box to submit your guess. Winner receives a free Heartsong Presents Mystery!


Abi said...

His lover killed him and then exited the house through a window after bolting the doors.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Ah...Abi. You are so right...and yet...I wonder. Can you explain? What was the meaning of what the officer and the agent heard?

Not to worry. There's a book in it for you, regardless. But if anyone can supply the answer my question, I'll send them a book, too!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

No takers on my challenge? All right. . .how 'bout I add this:

Lisa Karon Richardson said...

While practicing for his next big role, Tad waved his gun around getting the feel of the prop. He turned but stopped in mid-soliloquy. A beautiful manicured hand protruded through the jalousie window, it gripped an ugly looking pistol. He knew those hands, they were his lover's, Lana Luscious the hand model. Before Tad could respond the gun fired. His fingers closed convulsively around the grip of his prop and he dropped to the floor.

Too fun!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

LOLOL!! Oh, Lisa. Your scenario was hysterical. But you did get the jalousie window right, so I'll reward you, my dear.

Abi and Lisa, please email me with your snail mail addy at elizabeth at elizabethludwig dot com. You BOTH win a free cozy this week.