Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mandy won a copy of Candice Speare's newest Heartsong mystery, BAND ROOM BASH! We'll get that in the mail to you, Mandy! Thanks for playing.

Now for this week's Mystery Author! Remember, you must post your guess as a comment and include your e-mail address. I'll draw a winner from all the correct entries.

And away we go...

Welcome, Mystery Author!

What part of the country do you hail from?

I've lived in and around Houston, Texas for about 25 years, so I consider myself a Texan. But I grew up on a farm in Western Oklahoma.

Besides your Heartsong cozy mystery, you’ve published other books. How many?

The second book in the Volstead Manor Series will be out in a few days. That mystery, Another Hour to Kill, will be my 23rd book.

One of your favorite novels has a “bird” in the title. What is it?

To Kill a Mockingbird. What a masterpiece!

You have a favorite place to write in the morning. Where is it?

In a local cafe. I've made friends there, and now it's such a reunion when I go that it's hard to get anything done. But it's pure delight!

What is the first name of the main character in your Heartsong mystery series?


Thanks, Mystery Author!

Put your guessing caps on! Who do you think our Mystery Author is?


Anonymous said...

Anita Higman


quiltingreader said...

Anita Higman

Abi said...

Anita Higman is the mystery author

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Ah...quiltingreader. You forgot to leave your contact info. Don't miss your chance at free books, ladies. We must be able to reach you!

Ruth Dell said...


The mystery author is Anita Higman.

Best wishes

Ruth Dell