Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Mystery Theater


A Japanese whaling magnate is the keynote speaker at an industry convention. Throughout his speech he is heckled by a woman in the audience who is a radical animal rights activist. As the magnate closes his speech, the woman stands, draws a gun and fires it five times, killing the magnate instantly. The assassination is witnessed by the entire audiences, yet no one lifts a hand to arrest the woman.


Why wasn't the woman arrested?


1. You can't arrest what isn't there.

2. The shot was followed by a bang.


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Lisa Karon Richardson said...

My guess is that the whacko animal rights activist pulled a suicide bomber. She would have just blown her Japanese target up, but decided she had to take him out first via handgun, because she couldn't get close enough to him due to security. She did manage to plant herself in the middle of the crowd so that she could take out as many of the industry leaders as possible.


ladystorm said...

The activist had had enough, she stand up and shoots the Japanese spokesperson. Everyone stand shocked at what had just happened. The activist starts to run out but what she didn't know was that someone else had wanted to get rid of the Japanese man and had planted a bomb under the podium. Before she could leave the bomb exploded killing everyone, so therefore, nobody could tell about the lady whose shots rang out before the bomb.

MLB said...

The magnate’s wife had become a radical animal rights activist unaware to her husband. She knew he was delivering the keynote address via satellite phone/Skype/internet multi-site conferencing while on a whale hunt in international waters. She heckled her husband via another connection on the ship throughout the speech blending in with other hecklers that she knew would be attending at the various sites. At the end, she comes into the same room as her husband and shoots him not clearly seen by the others. A bang went off as she was disconnecting the communications and she fled on a boat that was coming for her. The audience had no idea the exact location, who really had done it, nor if it was even a joke to get back at the activists.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

You are all very close...

In fact, it was a bomb that provided the cover, but which one, I wonder?

MLB said...

I'll stay with my scenerio but have the bomb going off after she makes her getaway - maybe simultaenously with another site.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

You've all been so patient with me...are you ready for the real answer? Here it is:

The assassination took place in Hiroshima, Japan, on the morning of August 6, 1945, during World War II. Just a few seconds later, the U.S. dropped the first atom bomb on Japan. The woman was never arrested because she-nor anyone else-survived the convention.