Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Mystery Theater


Inside the charred remains of an old, dilapidated boarding house is a grisly sight. The burned bodies of three elderly men and one middle-aged man are in the parlor. The middle-aged man has a bullet hole in his head, but none of the other bodies show any apparent signs of foul play.


Who was the middle-aged man and why was he killed? And what role did the other three men play in the story?


1. The boarding house had a freezer in the basement.

2. The elderly men were all receiving retirement checks.


Think you know the answer? Fill in the comment box to submit your guess. Winner receives a free Heartsong Presents Mystery!


Anonymous said...

The dilapidated boarding house was a retirement home. The middle-aged man was the owner and the three elderly men had been retiring there. The three elderly men had been receiving retirement checks from the government, but lately their checks had gone missing. The three elderly men automatically suspected the owner was stealing their checks. One evening, while playing poker, the elderly men confronted the man accusing him. Of course, he denied it. The men didn’t believe him or trust him. The man finally confused that yes he was indeed stealing their checks so he could retirement in Puerto Rico. He was madly jealous that he had to work and the old bags could slouch around doing nothing. Little did he know the men already knew of his plans and concocted to kill the man and take over the retirement home? While playing cards one of the elderly men excused himself to go potty. He went to his room instead and loaded his gun from WWII and came back and shot the man in the head. The three elderly men celebrated their victory. They busted out the champagne and cigars, but due to their excitement, age, and missing their afternoon nap (due to planning) they fell asleep with the cigars in their hands and still lit. The house burned to a crisp and the men had no chance.


ladystorm said...

A family member of one of the old men found out that the middle aged man had killed the three older men and hid them in the freezer, so that he could receive thier retirement checks. The killer shot the middle aged man, then pulled the old men out of the freezer and placed them in the same room to confuse the police.

These are always fun to play


Cathy S. said...

The middle-aged man with the hole in his head ran a boarding house but when someone came to rent a room, he would poison their food. When the person died, he would put them in the freezer and continue getting their social security checks at the residence.

Hmm...I'm assuming three men could fit in a freezer.

Anyway, the government found out about the fraud and the man didn't want to go to jail. Distraught, he pulled the bodies out of the freezer, laid them in the parlor, shot himself in the head and burned the house down.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

I'm afraid you've made a grave error, Amanda.

Today it's Stormi who has correctly solved our crime! Congratulations, Stormi. Please email me your snail mail addy at elizabeth at elizabethludwig dot com to claim your prize.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

A fraction of a second too late, Cathy S, but thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Stormi!!! Even if I don't get it right, it's always fun trying to! :)

ladystorm said...

Oh wow, I solved my first crime..LOL

This is so much fun.


Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Yay, Stormi! Don't forget to email me to claim your prize.

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