Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Mystery Theater ~ Christmas Edition!


On the day before Christmas, cosmetics heiress Countess Mayfair is found stabbed to death in her bedroom. The priceless Mayfair tiara is missing; so is the murder weapon.


Who killed the Countess, how, and why? And where was the murder weapon?


1. The Countess was a tyrant.
2. The Countess thought her tiara had been stolen.


Think you know the answer? Fill in the comment box to submit your guess. Winner receives a free Heartsong Presents Mystery!


MLB said...

‘Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a person was stirring, not even a louse;

The tiara was taken by the killer with flair,
Since her tyranny he no longer could bear;

The Countess was sleeping after her rage,
With dreams of new blushes hiding her age;

Her killer with his flashlight, her tiara in hand;
Had hid in the closet, for peace to reign in the land.

When out on the street there arose such a noise,
The killer in the dark was happy for the boys.

Away to the countess he flew with haste,
Swung the tiara down on her shocked face . . .

He sprang through the door with tiara in hand
Wrapped in a sheet to bury in the land.

No confession was spoken when the butler was questioned;
The tiara must be sacrificed for tyranny to come to an end.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

LOLOLOL!!! Oh, my! Thanks, MLB, for the great laugh. Nice to see you're in the Christmas spirit. You're wrong, but you're in the spirit! LOL!

Great, job.

Cathy S. said...

Her servant had taken the tiara out to be polished without asking permission. When the servant brought it back to her, the countess became so enraged that she'd had such a scare over the missing tiara that she screamed at the servant. So the servant stabbed her using the tiara. Then he took it with him because it was the murder weapon.

ladystorm said...

The Countess faithful assistant couldn't stand being looked over each year when it came to the big bonus and promotion, so she decided to hide the famed tiara from her boss as a joke.

When the heiress calls the police and threatens to fire who ever had stole her tiara the assistant panics and decides to unhide the tiara, but she was startled by the fact that the heiress was still in her office.

The heiress and the assistant got in a big fight and she was afraid of being fired or going to jail so she reached for the letter opener that was laying on the desk and stabs the heiress, leaving the tiarra in the heiresses hand. The assistant takes the letter opener with her and goes on as if she was never there. :)

This one has me pretty stumped so this is about the best I could come up


P.S. MLB I really liked yours it made me laugh..hehe

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Hope everyone had blessings POURED on them this Christmas. May they FLOW all the year through and come again WRAPPED next year.

Yes, those are clues...(laughing)

Oh, and just in case, here's a bonus:

The Countess accused someone falsely.

MLB said...

The head chemist was all excited – a perfect gift for her tyrannical boss – The Countess. She had made a new fragrance called Frankincense especially for Christmas. After hearing from the chemist, the Countess invited the chemist to stop by and deliver her some in the form of a bath oil at her large bedroom/suite. Since the countess was in the midst of wrapping a few presents, she decided to wrap up her tiara – sad to say as a joke – no intention of really giving it away. When the chemist came in, the countess accused her of stealing her tiara. With total shock and fear for her life, she grabbed the gold-plated scissors used in gift-wrapping and stabbed the countess. She quickly threw the scissors in a gift box and rushed back to the lab thinking about how to get rid of the evidence. She quickly decided to dissolve them in lab chemicals and then burn the small gift box. As she looked at the chemical brew she wondered if she should mix a small amount in the frankincense perfume and sell it as gold, frankincense and myrrh. But although she was now a killer that thought seemed too morbid. (It really was not pre-mediated but only for self-preservation.) She knew this new fragrance was going to be a great success especially for gifts whether perfume or as a bath oil. The police knew the countess was a tyrant with many enemies so they didn’t pursue the investigation much at all. They quickly finished with the crime scene and released the unopened gifts. The chemist was quite shocked when the tiara gift box was delivered with her name handwritten by the countess. She had some remorse but decided to stay quiet at least for now...

Lisa Karon Richardson said...

Rita Reticent had been slaving all day preparing for the huge Christmas party that the Countess was throwing. As the Countess' assistant she had taken her guff for years, but today she was at wit's end.

With aching feet and an aching head she trudged her way up to the Countess Mayfair's room to show her the mock-up of the ice sculpture that had been ordered for the party.

The Countess looked up as she entered and spoke in her fake upper crust accent. "I know you stole my tiara. Do you have anything to say before I call the police?"

Rita blinked as tears blurred her vision. She had given this woman the five best years of her life and this was the thanks she received. With trembling fingers she pulled away the cloth covering the mini ice sculpture side by side with the real tiara for comparison. She thrust the tray at the aging beauty queen.

"The tiara has been with the sculptor, Just as YOU ordered."

"Oh." The countess waved a dismissive hand, and offered no apology.

"I can't believe you thought I would steal your tiara. Did you think I wanted an extra Christmas bonus?"

At that the Countess looked up. "Bonus? There will be no bonus this year."

A glaring red the color of Rudolph's nose rose before Rita's eyes.

She had been looking forward to her Christmas bonus so she could take a well-deserved vacation. All day visions of sugar white beaches had danced through her head. Now the Countess was snatching even that one small joy from her.

Hardly knowing what she was doing. Rita snatched up the wickedly sharp tiara of ice and punctured the Countess, just as the Countess had punctured her dreams.

When she realized what she had done, Rita stepped back in horror. She swallowed hard. The glimmer of gold and jewels caught her gaze. She would get her bonus after all.

Quickly Rita wrapped the tiara in a gift box and placed a beautiful bow on it then popped it in the mail, leaving the murder weapon to melt away just as she would.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Ready for the answer? Here it is:

The cantankerous Countess had falsely accused her maid of stealing the Mayfair tiara. The innocent maid, fearing for her reputation, visited the Countess in her boudoir to plead her case. But the discussion quickly degenerated into a hysterical confrontation. Impulsively, the maid grabbed the pointed crystal stopper of a bottle of Mayfair Mayhem perfume and plunged it into her employer's throat, killing her instantly.

Aghast at what she had done, the maid attempted to cover her crime. She washed the stopper and replaced it in the perfume bottle. She then went to her quarters, wrapped the bottle as a gift, and placed it under the Christmas tree.

Thoroughly searching the house for the murder weapon, police unwrapped the presents under the tree. When they discovered that the maid had given the perfume heiress a bottle of her own perfume for Christmas, they smelled a rat. They examined the bottle, found traces of blood on the stopper, and quickly wrapped up the case.

MLB said...

Well done, you outsmarted us again. :)