Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Short Story Mystery

If the Shoe Fits
Susan Page Davis
Part 2

“It’s all right, ma’am. I’m a police officer.”

She opened the window an inch. “Did you catch him? The man who was following me?”

"Yes, ma’am, but we don’t really have any reason to detain him. He claims he wasn’t following anyone.”

“I saw him out here. He was looking for me.”

“And why was he looking for you, ma’am?"

“Because I saw…”

“What? What did you see?”

Faye stared at him in the shadow. “Could I see your badge, please?”

He chuckled. “Certainly. Why don’t you step over to my car, and I’ll take your statement?”

Faye sat very still. He didn’t produce a badge. She closed the window, and as she redialed 911 he began pounding the window with his fists.

“What is your emergency?” a cool female voice asked.

“Help! Please! I’m in the airport parking lot. A man is trying to break into my car. Help me!” Faye should have recognized him immediately, but she’d been concentrating more on that foot, that shoe, than on his face.

She saw the flashing blue lights then. A patrol car slid down the aisle and stopped in front of her Tercel. The man abruptly stopped banging on the window and ran. Faye took a deep breath as a uniformed officer tore past.

Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of If the Shoe Fits.

FOR DISCUSSION: Why do you think the man tried to break into Faye's car?

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Abi said...

Maybe he thought she had something of value in her car.