Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Short Story Mystery

Water Under the Bridge by Susan Page Davis

Part Two

A week later, Billy gulped his cereal while Larry waited for him.

“What’s your hurry?” Billy’s father asked.

“We’re going swimming with Mike.”

“Well, be careful.” His father frowned. “I know you boys can swim like fish, but. . .”

“We’ll be fine,” Billy assured him, dropping his cereal bowl into the sink.

“Stay away from the bridge,” his father called, as Larry opened the back door. “Something funny is going on down there.”

“Really?” Billy asked, eyes wide.

“Yes, a fellow swore he heard Gomer Pyle yesterday, yelling at him to go away.”

“That is weird, Mr. Johnson,” Larry said. He and Billy raced outside.


A small boat was nosing toward the channel below the bridge.

“What’ll I say?” Larry asked.

“Clint Eastwood,” Michael suggested. “Make my day.”

“No, do the Dragnet thing,” Billy said.

The boat came closer, and Michael gasped. “They’ve got rifles in the boat.”

“So?” asked Larry.

Billy peeked through the crack. “They’ve got other stuff, too. I see a TV.”

He pulled back suddenly and stared at his friends. “Those are the guys who’ve been breaking into people’s camps!”

The boat was nearly even with them.

Tune in next week for Part Three of Water Under the Bridge

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