Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mystery Theater

Time for another round...

The Case:

A man wakes up in a private clinic. The doctors inform him that he has been in a coma for three years. As he rehabilitates, the man is amazed by what he's missed: new music, new styles, and political changes like the collapse of Communism.

On the fourth day of his recovery, he is found dead on the garden path below his window.

The Mystery:

How did he die? And what is the story behind his coma?

The Clues:

1. The man in the clinic was a C.I.A. spy in East Germany.
2. The year was 1980.

The Answer:

Think you know the answer? Fill in the comment box to submit your guess. Winner receives a free HPM book!


Ed J. Horton said...

Okay, here's my Mission Impossible-like scenario...

Since communism had not collapsed in 1980, I suspect it was an enemy hoax to obtain information from a captured CIA operative. The East Germans probably drugged him, staged the changes including the mis-belief that communism was no-more, and convinced the man he had been in a coma for three years. Accepting the changes, the spy spilled his guts to his enemy-friends, learned he'd been duped, and then jumped to his death in remorse.

Where's Jim Phelps when you need him?

Mary Connealy said...

Or they killed him once they had the info. Otherwise I'm with Ed. Who is a super sleuth.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Ed, you are a super sleuth!! Where would you like me to send your prize? {I believe you already have my email address, having solved these little puzzles before ;-) }

Ed J. Horton said...

I appreciate the Super Sleuth moniker, but I'm more a blend of the Inspector Clouseau and Lt. Colombo characters without the bulky trench coat.