Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Mystery Theater

Happy Labor Day, everyone! As a special treat, I'm posting another Monday Mystery Theater. Have fun!

The Case:

The suspect has an ironclad alibi. Over a dozen witnesses swear that he was nowhere near the murder scene. The police are finally able to crack the case when they find a small, high quality intercom system stashed in a closet.

The Mystery:

Who was the suspect, who was the victim, and what was the alibi?

The Clues:

1. The killer was a father.
2. The killer's alibi was a "confession."

The Answer:

Think you know an answer? Fill the comment box to submit your guess. Winner will receive a free Heartsong Presents Mystery!


Ausjenny said...

1. The killer was a father.

2. The killer's alibi was a "confession."

from these clues i say the killer is a preist (as in father) and the confession is the confessional in the catholic church, he had an intercom set up so he could make it seem like he was in the confessional when he actually commited the murder ok who did he murder? As to who he murdered that I cant work out but one of his parisheners I would say.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Ding, ding, ding!! Great job, ausjenny!

Please contact me at:

elizabeth at elizabethludwig dot com with your snail mail addy so I can send you your book.

Ausjenny said...

Oh thats so cool.
will email you.