Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Short Story Mystery

Sweet Charity by Elizabeth Ludwig
Special FOUR part series!

Part 2

Charity’s gown rustled softly as she descended the grand staircase of her family’s plantation home. She looked beautiful thanks to Luisa’s careful ministrations. The admiring gasps of her guests proved that. Still, it was one pair of eyes she sought, one adoring smile—those belonging to her fiancé, Dr. Ambrose Washburn.

“Why, Charity Merriweather. You are a vision.”

Charity froze at the sound of her rival’s voice. Her hand gripping the rail tightly, she let her foot settle on the bottom step and turned to face Jasmine. She stood next to Charity’s beloved Ambrose, her fingers curled possessively about his arm.

Rage streaked through Charity, but she forced a smile. “As are you, dear Jasmine.”

Jasmine’s fan fluttered coyly. She dipped her head, her raven curls gleaming in the candlelight. “Nonsense. What am I compared to you in all your. . .” she indicated the mountainous yards of Charity’s voluminous gown with a tip of her fan, “splendor?”

Titters from a few of Charity’s so-called friends set her blood to boiling. Any misgivings she’d had about the plan she and Luisa concocted in her bedchamber fled, replaced by icy determination.

She took a step forward, her mind focused on one sole purpose—disposing of Jasmine McDrew once and for all.
For Discussion: What plan has Charity cooked up for Jasmine?
Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of Sweet Charity.

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