Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Short Story Mystery

Look Before You Leap
by Elizabeth Ludwig

Part 3

Buck peered up into the night sky. A shower of sparks erupted, like the finale on the Fourth of July. He resisted the urge to cheer.

Picking up the booty Jerry had discarded, Buck ambled toward his truck, away from the power station where he’d set up the ring of flares designed to lure Jerry to his death. It was a simple plan, really, something that would never have worked if Jerry hadn’t been such a trusting soul.

Pressing his treasure tight to his chest, Buck climbed into his truck and started the engine. Never again would he have to split his share with greedy old Jerry. The stash inside this bag would carry him for months, maybe even years. Once it was gone, he’d find a new partner, another trusting soul.

He dropped the vehicle into drive. Pushing on the accelerator, he veered onto the highway, his heart lighter than it’d been for weeks. Gradually, he wound down the deserted road and quietly disappeared into the dark, humid night.
Stay tuned next week for a brand new Short Story Mystery!

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