Monday, June 16, 2008

MAINEly Murder

Welcome to Baxter, Maine. We may be a small town, but we’ve got big things going on here.

I’m Felicia Chadwick, owner and editor of the Baxter Journal. I’ll tell you, things have been hopping here, and I’m not talking about the new owners at the marina or the outdoor seating at the Lumberjack Restaurant.
The smartest thing I’ve done in last couple years is to convince Emily Gray to come and work for me at the Journal. When Emily first came back to Baxter, I was a little intimidated by her. I mean, she’d been working for a big city newspaper and had won some awards for investigative reporting. The Journal was only a weekly, and what’s more, her parents used to own this paper. Not only that, her family owns one of those darling cottages out on Grand Cat Island, something I’ve always dreamed about. But since Emily came back, we’ve morphed into a biweekly and increased our advertising and readership base. And that isn’t all.

We’ve had murders in Baxter. Since Emily came home to live here, we’ve had more murders than. . .well, ever. Her first day here, she and Nate Holman discovered a dead body. Of course, Emily is so head-over-heels in love with Nate that I was afraid it might distract her from her work. But no siree, she’s right there ready to buttonhole the State Police detectives and ask the really hard questions. And she’s not above doing a little snooping around—er, research, that is—on her own. Field work. That’s it.
And it’s a good thing. Without Emily’s nose for news, I’m not sure the cops could solve all the crimes we’ve had lately. Arson, burglaries, lost treasure, impostors trying to claim an inheritance. . .it’s just been wild around here. I love it!

Me, I just put out the paper. But I know everything going on in Baxter, Maine. You’ll want to, too.

Read the MAINEly Murder series, by Susan Page Davis and her daughter, Megan Elaine Davis. They’ll give you the scoop. The first book, Homicide at Blue Heron Lake, came out in February. Next up is Treasure at Blue Heron Lake. I hear that now they’re working on Impostors at Blue Heron Lake. And you can check out the authors at, especially on the “Mystery” page. Love it. Absolutely love it.


Darlene Franklin said...

Very glad to meet Felicia, ladies! I LOVE it!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Sounds like my kinda town! (G)

Great job, Susan.

Mary Connealy said...

I really liked the first book in the series. I'm looking forward to book two.

NancyMehl said...

Baxter, Maine sounds like a great place to visit...except for the murders!

Great post, ladies!


Linda Kozar said...

Makes me want to write books with my daughters too!

Looking forward to reading it!

K.D. Hays said...

Baxter seems like a fun place to visit...but a dangerous place to live!
It was fun to get the local newspaper perspective...

Susan Page Davis said...

Hey, thanks, all you people from "away." It's great to have so many flatlanders interested in our little Maine town. If you get a week's vacation and don't know where to go, I suggest the Heron's Nest B&B, or the Lakeview Lodge.

Ausjenny said...

Im wondering if Maine is a safe place to visit but the islands do sound interesting and so far no Aussie has turned up murdered! (oh no i may give ideas!)
Loved the first book and cant wait for the second book.

Oh cofession time this aussie took awhile to learn where maine was. dont know why but it didn't seem to fit where it is in my mind.