Monday, May 19, 2008

Introducing Victoria Storm and Friends


I'm Victoria Storm, and at thirty years of age, sole proprietor of Cedar Lodge Boarding House, which I recently inherited. Cedar Lodge was originally a real hunting lodge in my family for many years, then it was a private home for many more years. But after the death of my grandfather, my grandma turned it in a boarding house for senior citizens.

Since all the boarders are old friends of my grandparents, I've known them all my life. And that's where the problem sometimes pops up. They've taught me everything I know. Or so they think.

All was rolling along quite nicely until that cold day in January when the Cedar Chapel Bank was robbed and Miss Aggie Pennington-Brown disappeared. Since Miss Aggie was our friend and housemate, and we didn't think the sheriff was making much progress, we simply had no choice but to start our own investigation.

All eventually turned out well. In fact so well, we thought we were pretty smart, so we wrote all the details down for posterity. If you'd like to hear about our adventures, you'll find them laid out neatly in Miss Aggie's Gone Missing.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of Miss Aggie's misadventures. She simply can't seem to stay out of trouble. And she isn't even nice about it.

Her best friend, Miss Jane, can pretty much hold her own with just about anyone, especially me. But I don't think she'll every get over her slavish devotion to Miss Aggie. That bothers me because Miss Jane is one of my favorite people.

Then there's the rest of the gang. Sweet, nervous Miss Georgina, who reminds me of an aging southern belle. Her cousin Miss Evalina, level headed, practical, who turned out to be the classic example of still waters run deep.

I can't forget to mention the gentlemen who reside at Cedar Lodge. Frank Cordell is the retired owner of a chain of candy stores, now in the capable hands of his son. He moved out of a two-story brick home and into the lodge to be near his friends, one friend in particular.

Martin Downey, resident expert on classic movies and movie stars, especially, W.C. Fields, loves to crack jokes and pull pranks. But as it turned out Martin had his secrets, too.

I hope you'll love the quaint little town of Cedar Chapel, Missouri, and its quirky people as much as I do. Come visit us often.


Linda Kozar said...

Dear Frances,

Sounds like a "Devine" story! Can't wait to open the covers and read!

Ausjenny said...

Sounds so cool I cant wait either.

Eileen said...

I think you need to reserve me a room. Sounds like a fun bunch!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Hey Frances,

Your book sounds wonderful. I love your cover!!

NancyMehl said...


Wow. I can't wait to get my hands on your book. It sounds super!

And I echo the other comments about the cover. I love it!


Mary Connealy said...

I'm eager to see your quirky characters and get in with the crowd.

Frances said...

Aw, thanks. Y'all come see us.


Deena said...

I'd love a copy to review on my blog:-) Check me out at