Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fudge-Laced Felonies

I don’t want a lot out of life. Just a few things really. My own candy store, a prize winning rose bush, and Ethan Banning. Some people would say one out of three isn’t bad. But I’m skirting around the issue of why I’m writing to you. Something I, Summer Meadows, does well.

I walked into church on Sunday, not to find God, but to search for a killer. There he stood, blond, with dimples a girl could drown in. I can’t believe Ethan thought he could get around my anger with a smile! Can’t a girl go on vacation without a man killing her prize roses?

Anyway, while Ethan and I were transplanting a new Midnight Rose, we discovered diamonds. Of course my immediate response was that I was rich, but once again Mr. Reality put me in my place. I decided if I couldn’t keep them, I’d find out who they belonged to. I couldn’t rely on my bumbling cousin Joe, aka Chief-of-Police to find out. He did everything way too slow. So, I did the next best thing and roped my aunt Eunice into being my side-kick. She ranted and raved a bit, but she’ll come through.

With the candy-store humming along nicely, I nosed around town like Nancy Drew. I had second thoughts, though, when a dead body turns up. Then to complicate matters more, a gorgeous, right-out-of-a-magazine man walks into church. So, I decided since Ethan’s attentions seemed to be elsewhere, I'd dabble in a little romance myself.

Can you see why my life is so confusing? I jump from one thing to the next faster than one of those rubber bouncy balls! And if Ethan doesn’t stop calling me Tinker Bell, there might just be another murder mystery to solve. Anyway, blogging world, I’d best get to gum-shoeing if I want this solved before Christmas. Y’all have fun, and I’ll keep in touch.



Ausjenny said...

Oh summer sounds like my kind of people.
I cant wait to find out more about this mystery (and to see if Summer can stay focused with a new guy in town)

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Great set-up, Cynthia! Your book sounds wonderful.

P.S. - You're a trooper and I admire your hard work.

Mary Connealy said...

Candy and murder.
Great combination, Cynthia. :)

NancyMehl said...

I can't wait to read your book, Cynthia! It sounds super.


CHickey said...

You ladies are the best! I am so enjoying all these books. The variety amazes me.

Anonymous said...

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