Monday, February 4, 2008

Meet Priscilla Crumb!

Dear Reader,

Retirement is not at all what I envisioned. I’ve often compared it to one of my prized cheese soufflés gone flat. Dull, dreary, and monotonous. Thankfully, my son Nathan was desperate enough to fly me to his upscale hunting lodge, or I’d more than likely be sitting at my card table right now, putting together one of those five-hundred-piece puzzles he gave me last Christmas. Filling in for Nathan’s full time cook, who came down with a serious case of the West Nile virus four months ago, had become my escape from the mundane routine of retirement. Or so I thought.

That was until my guest list turned into a suspect list. . .for murder. You can believe me when I say that I never expected to be involved in a real life mystery, but that’s exactly what happened when my informal buffet turned to chaos, and Charles Woodruff was found dead after sampling one of my salmon-filled tartlets.

Now up until this unfortunate event, I’ve always been known as superb cook and articulate hostess--save one regrettable incident involving Dr. Witherspoon and an expired jar of mayonnaise--but now my very reputation has been tarnished. So to save my name, and that of my son’s lodge, you can bet I’ll find out the truth.


Pricilla Crumb

P.S. Want a chance to win a copy of Recipe for Murder? Sign up today at Drawing will be held this month!

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Lisa Harris is a wife, mother, missionary, and award-winning author who has been writing fiction and nonfiction for the Christian market since 2000. She and her husband currently live with their three children in Brazil and are learning Portuguese in preparation for a return to Africa. To learn more about Lisa and her ministry, check out her website at


CHickey said...

I cannot wait to read this! Great blog!

Susan Downs said...

I LOVE the video trailer, Priscilla. Nice work!

Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Pricilla. Enjoy sleuthing. :)

Rhonda said...

This is great! Sorry I'm behind on reading my blogs but I'm glad I stopped by to read about Pricilla!

Anonymous said...

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