Monday, February 18, 2008

Homicide at Blue Heron Lake

When Emily Gray returned to the tiny, lakeside town of Baxter, Maine, all she intended to do was clean up her mother’s island cottage and sell it. She didn’t expect to see her childhood sweetheart, Nate Holman, again—not that she wouldn’t be glad to see his parents, if they still ran the Baxter Marina. And she did sort of hope they’d tell her what Nate was up to now. But she certainly didn’t expect to find Nate himself running the business and eager to give her a boat ride out to her cottage. Another thing she didn’t expect that golden day on the island with Nate: discovering a murder victim.

Why would anyone kill senior citizen Henry Derbin, who liked to spend quiet summers in his cottage on the island? And now that he’s dead, can Emily break his old rule about trespassing?

Come to Baxter and meet Emily, Nate, and the other residents. Everyone is talking about the murder—or is it two murders? Truly Vigue will talk about anything, anytime. Her plump son Rocky wants friends badly, but has secrets of his own. Raven Miller, owner of the Vital Women Retreat Center, has ideas about the killer. So does Felicia Chadwick, owner and editor of the Baxter Journal. Then there’s Detective Blakeney, who wants Emily out of his way, but grudgingly listens to her and Nate.

My daughter Megan and I concocted this story together. We created Baxter and Blue Heron Lake based on the small towns and gorgeous lakes of Maine that we know and love. We live near the real life “Golden Pond” (Great Pond), where author Ernest Thompson used to spend summers. There’s still a mail boat, and across the state there are still little towns where the people all know each other well, but still have secrets to hide. Join us in the MAINEly Murder series.

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Mary Connealy said...

The book sounds great, ladies. I'm so anxious for the cozies to start showing up in the mail. YAY!

S. Dionne Moore said...

I can't wait for these books! And your daughter is lovely, Susan.

Eileen said...

Woohoo! Murder and suspense. Right up my reading alley. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I love that you work together. That is so cool. How does the process work??