Monday, August 11, 2008

Mysterious Life

Life is full of mysteries. Little ones. Big ones and everything in between. Like the Amelia Earhart thing--no one knows what happened to her. And Bigfoot/Sasquatch/The Abominable Snowman...what's up with that stuff? Oh, and let's not forget "The Legend of Boggy Creek too!" And the Chuppacabra--a fiendish beast that supposedly preys on small animals and people. A picture of the Montauk Monster was recently in the newspaper. Ugh, scary looking.

But what I really want to know is what happens to my husband's socks in the dryer. Surely there must be mysterious forces in the universe at work. Like matter and anti-matter, they separate. One is never found. Perhaps if an alternate universe exists, a woman with my name, only backwards, is pulling one sock from the dryer right now, wondering the same thing. . .

Why do men wear ties? What's the point? Why do we have organs we don't use--like tonsils and appendix? And I don't care much about crop circles, I just want to know why dead brown patches appear on my lawn. Aliens, perhaps? Or cinch bugs? Mysteries, they're all around. If I spill ink or coffee, why is it always on my favorite outfit? I have twenty coffee mugs, but out of them all, only my favorite one slips off the shelf and breaks. Why? Why? Why?

That's why I'm a mystery writer. I notice things--and wonder about them. One night, I looked out my upstairs window and noticed the neighbor lady out walking--in jogging clothes--at midnight! Why? At the grocery store,I wonder why someone has thirty bottles of capers in their cart. Who needs that many capers?

And speaking of capers--my mystery is coming out on November 4th. Misfortune Cookies. I love Chinese food, but the best part of the meal is when the fortune cookies are plonked down on the table with the bill. The funniest fortune I've ever seen is , "That wasn't chicken." Anywho--my character, "Lovita," opens a fortune cookie to a sinister message. I hope you'll read the books and find out how she and her sidekick, Sue Jan crack the case wide open!

Hope you spend the day looking around at things, glancing back over your shoulder and pondering the many everyday mysteries. Hey, why don't you share a few everyday mysteries with me? I'd love to hear some of the things all of you wonder about. So c'mon, post a comment!


Eileen said...

Seriously, I wonder where my time goes! I'm retired, with only a part-time job, so I should have oodles of time. Yeah, right. After I've worked, written, checked e-mail, read blogs... oh.... maybe I'm getting a clue. Should I continue writing mysteries??

Linda Kozar said...

Eileen, you're right. the greatest mystery of all is wher all the time goes! It's true. We can't wait to grow up and get older when we're just kids and when we're grown, we can't stop wishing we were younger! The time actually seems to speed up too. The years go by at warp speed. Then suddenly, you wake up and you're GULP, old! Yikes!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

(laughing) Great post, Linda. I've often wondering where my husband's socks go as well. In fact, there's a saying around our house when something disappears:

"It's with the socks."

Linda Kozar said...

I agree--there's definitely a sock connection. One of us should write a mystery about socks! Fiendish soccer socks, dastardly dress socks, smelly socks! The possibilities are infinite!

Ausjenny said...

Eileen if you find where your time goes let me know. (ok I know where some of it goes playing mind jolt games) But its seems like yesterday it was 22 weeks till I went to Canada now its less than 4 weeks.
You know Socks have a habit of going missing.
My mystery is why when I lose weight and gain it back it goes on my bust (which dont need it) first!
the biggest mystery is why on earth am i watching basketball when Australia isn't playing and i dont really like basketball!

look forward to your book. I just got the August shipment today and in just over a week i am so impressed. (just need time to read them and the others i have)

Linda Kozar said...

Dear Ausjenny,

I never thought about weight--but it's true! A bite of cheesecake can go different places on different people. Cheesecake deposits directly from the mouth to the hips on some women, others get a pooch on the tummy or big caboose. And some women wind up with "teacher's arms"--all from an innocent bite of cheesecake. It's sinister, I tell ya!

I'm glad you're looking forward to meeting my characters, Sue Jan and Lovita! They can't wait to meet you!

Ausjenny said...

Linda, I love this line and try and promote it on my blog when i can (currently have an interview with Darlene Franklin up at present.)

You know we have a bigger mystery at present where are all the books send in June ending up! I know of at least 2 definate books sent to me as both parties are trying to find them. and about 5 for blog tours that just haven't turned up. tis a mystery for sure.

tonights mystery is why am I watching soccer.

Linda Kozar said...

Dear AusJenny--Well, that's no fun! Makes you wonder if somebody somewhere got those books by accident and is reading them. That might even be a God-thing!

Ausjenny said...

thats possible.
oh and whoever is looking for socks I found them. someones cleaning there room and i have so many socks to pair that i think it found the motherlode!
now it think i am all olympiced out and need to have an early night.

CHickey said...

Love the post. If you have kids, you'll be surrounded by mystery. Engulfed in it. Drowning...well, you get my meaning. My latest mystery is why, at the young age of 46, does my body protest when I want to move faster than a snail's pace? I mean, I use to run track. Last year, I think.

Linda Kozar said...

Cynthia--you're so right. There's always a mystery with kids around. Like, "Who made that mess?"
"Not me!" "Not me"
That's all I ever hear. So I guess there's some gremlin running around the house making messes or something. It's a mystery to me!