Monday, July 21, 2008

Heartsong Presents Cozy Mystery Theater!

The Case: Union Camp has always been a peaceful town, with not crime other than the occasional stolen library book. But recently, strange things have been happening. Last week, the town clerk’s office was broken into. Two days ago, a dog was shot and killed for no apparent reason. And today Jim, the local mail carrier , was attacked with a baseball bat and wound up in the hospital with 20 stitches.

“We got us a regular crime wave,” the neighbors complained. “What’s going on here?”

The Mystery: What is going on in Union Camp?

The Clues: The murdered dog belonged to the mail carrier. Unknowingly, Jim was hiding something that someone wanted. Something was found in the library that led to the clerk’s office, that led to Jim.

The Answer? Think you know the answer? Submit a comment with your guess. Winner receives a free copy of one of Heartsong Presents Mysteries!


Ausjenny said...

I have no idea but thinking Jim accidently put used a letter as a bookmark in a library book and forgot to take it our and deliver it, then he returned it the letter or note was incriminating and ended in the clerks office when the clerk borrowed it realizing it was about him shot the dog by accident he was aiming for Jim.
works in theory but i bet the butler really did it.
(I waited up till there was a new post this morning.) now of to finish gunfight at Grace Gulch

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Wow, ausjenny, you're up early. Sure you're not a mystery writer yourself? This is some complicated stuff!

(laughing) No, the butler didn't do it. When trying to figure out what was found in the library, thing Anne Frank.

CHickey said...

I have a headache!

Ed J. Horton said...

Thank you for a fun diversion. Of course, the additional clue about Anne Frank makes me think of a diary. Perhaps someone stole a diary of local historical significance from the library.

The town name conjures up the image of a small town captured during the Civil War that became a Yankee stronghold, subsequently it was renamed Union Camp. Possibly the diary reader discovers a reference to hidden confederate gold and decides to investigate. The reference uses natural landmarks to give a vague description of the gold's location in Union Camp.

Not wanting anyone else to know what he is searching for, the antagonist breaks into the town clerk's office at night to research old plat maps. He determines the gold is likely buried in the basement of Jim's one-hundred-fifty-year-old farmhouse.

He decides to break into Jim's house during the day while the man is on his mail route. Before he can sneak in, Jim's dog attacks him. Alarmed, he shoots the dog and flees the scene.

Still sure that he's right about the gold's location, he makes another attempt at breaking into Jim's house. The intruder is surprised by Jim when the mail carrier comes home for his lunch break. Not wanting to bring too much attention to the place by turning it into a murder scene, the desperate antagonist grabs an old baseball bat, beats Jim unconscious, and then flees.

Perhaps that's one possibility for what's going on in Union Camp?

Ausjenny said...

Elizabeth Im an aussie i was ready for bed when I posted
I go along with Ed.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

(laughing) Ed, you're remarkable!! A true sleuth. Congratulations! Your powers of deduction have earned you a free book. Please email me with your snail mail addy so I can drop your book in the mail at elizabeth (at) elizabethludwig (dot) com.

Ed J. Horton said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! It was fun. I'll shoot off an email with my home address.


Mary Connealy said...

Well, I HATE when Library books get stolen so there is a dark underbelly here. Despite how peaceful it looks from the outside.

Ed J. Horton said...

Elizabeth, I received the book today. I'm sure it is a wonderful read! Thank you so much.